Mazzprints is an Adelaide Handmade clothing brand that values sustainability while keeping prices affordable. We use a Made To Order business model.

Our passion lies in creating luxurious modern designs using 100% cotton African printed fabrics , sourced in the East African countries while using accessories sources from local small store owners.

The Mazzprints' style is defined by beautiful prints that capture the uniqueness, radiance and richness of the African culture. In the Australia arid temperature, the fabrics stand out and make anyone wearing them radiant, confident, outstanding and stylish.


The inspiration behind Mazzprints



I, Marie-Jeanne, owner of Mazzprints, was born in Tanzania to Rwandan parents, but raised in Kenya. Throughout my childhood in East Africa, I vividly remember my mum and other women around the neighbourhood wearing these fabrics especially to important functions. My siblings and I would get matching sets and dresses in the prints and you bet every kid would show up to church in their own unique prints and outifts.


This brand is to recreate those nostalgic memories but for the women of the modern world multicultural world.


When we moved to Australia in late 2011, I was nostalgic for the fashion and culture I grew up around. However, I could not find anything similar in my Adelaide Neighbourhood. With no background in fashion, I took it upon myself to start learning from both sewing schools and Youtube. I did this because there is a gap in the market for African printed clothing and I also wanted to use clothes to install confidence.

Appearances are very important as they give insight into who you are. So why not stand out everytime? The Mazzprints customer must stand out from the crowd, why, because our clothes are an indication of your self confidence.

Our clothing are versatile. They take you from day time activities like wine tours then transition you to dinner/the good old social nights. Additionally, the silhouettes suit all age groups and are timeless.



In the wake of the global climate change, SUSTAINABILITY is central to our business practices. We import these fabrics from small vendors in Africa, which is giving back to our homeland, then we singularly custom cut each design for the customer before we sew it for hours.

We package and tag the bags with labels that are compostable before shipping. If you're local, we reduce our carbon footprint by delivering to you in person and make sure that you absolutely love your outfit.  

Our fabrics are one of a kind and cannot be replicated through fabric printing in the western, therefore, we produce MINIMUM QUANTITY keeping them in demand. When sold out they are gone for good.

Our size ranges from XS (6) - XL (14) currently, this is due to the limited print production, but we are looking into extending the range in future.

Finally, left over materials are created into a complimentary matching scrunch with your outfit. 

We continuously upgrade our sustainability practices and we love and appreciate each and everyone of you that continues to support us. 

lots of love, 

Marie-Jeanne Tuyisenge