Mazzprints is a unique Adelaide Hand-Made clothing brand that values sustainability while keeping prices affordable. 

Our passion lies in creating luxurious modern designs using 100% African prints in cotton, sourced in the East African countries.

The Mazzprints' style is defined by beautiful prints that capture the uniqueness, radiance and richness of the African culture. The Australian Hand-Made pieces are tailored using beautiful prints which are professionally measured to suit every body type. Our size ranges from 6-14 currently, but we are looking into extending the range in future.

The inspiration behind Mazzprints


I, Marie-Jeanne, owner of Mazzprints, was born in Tanzania, raised in Kenya but I am Rwandan. Due to the Rwandan genocide in 1994, my life was never normal. My identity has always been all over the place. Naturally as humans, we want to make sense of who we are and where we belong. We find any means necessary. For me, as cliche as it sounds, fashion has always been my go to. I love my clothing to do the talking. Everyone wants to be seen and Heard, and I think to be heard you have to be approachable first, so your outfit has to be on point, right?, or is it just me?.

When we moved to Australia in early 2012, I was 15 then, and I noticed the amazing diversity in our amazing country. I saw that everyone of us as an Australian, had a unique upbringing and everyone had a background story. So ideas started loading....

Let's skip to year 2016 after high school where I knew I wanted to indulge myself in fashion. I decided to create a brand that is loud, unique, that draws eyes in public. I wanted the pieces at Mazzprints to be TIMELESS and fits everyone like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Aanyway, that is when Mazzprints was born. With no background in Fashion studies, I study everything to do with fashion design online and improvisation as it is a passion of mine. I solely finance this company while I study and work part-time. 

Mazzprints is incredibly unique as it is run by a young woman (Me) who creates pieces that she would wear every single day without question. It is also HAND-MADE in ADELAIDE SOUTH AUSTRALIA because every detail matters. We are also environmentally conscious, therefore, we source our wrapping and shipping bags from sustainable NO ISSUE company which produces compostable products.

While there is an incredible amount left to say, lets cut to the chase and tell you how I am thankful for the continued support from our customer base, the patience and love shown unto us. We (future team) look forward to keep the brand growing and bringing you the best fits.

with so much love,